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Imperfect health enthusiast sharing my journey and mid-life shenanigans!

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My name is Gail Ballin and I'm psyched that you're visiting my site. On Healthy Momma Bee, I share my lifelong journey with weight loss, my successes, struggles and my ongoing quest for a better, healthier way of life.


I also love to share my ongoing shenanigans as a middle-aged working mom of two wonderful young adult children. My life is quite an adventure and I'm blessed to share it with the loves of my life. My goal is to live each day with good intentions, a positive focus and a big heart. 


Several years ago, I started a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. I was able to shed over 100 lbs and keep most of it off successful. Exercise and healthy eating are a key component to who I am today, but everyone falters from time to time. Including me. 


My philosophy is that if I can lose over 100 lbs. then anyone can achieve their weight loss goals.  Happy reading! 

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I am passionate about living life to the fullest, appreciating each day and staying healthy. 

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My family is my life.

I'm a mom to Josh (21) and Juliana (17), two incredibly bright and beautiful young adults. I'm also blessed to share my life with Robby, my person, my heart, my bestie.

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I love to travel, meet new people and figure out how to maintain my lifestyle while doing the things I enjoy most. Most importantly, life is meant to be lived to the fullest each and every day. 

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Exploring new and healthy lifestyle options is part of how I live my life. I exercise almost daily - always mixing it up with new challenges. It's not easy, but I do the best I can to enjoy the journey.

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