The causes of obesity are numerous and complex. These causes include:

Bee Heal

Sedentary Lifestyle

When you consume too many calories and don't burn them off, your body will turn those extra calories into fat and you'll gain weight and slow your metabolism.

Unhealthy Diet 

Healthier options are usually lower in fat and calories. When we make unhealthy food choices we risk converting those calories to fat.

Psychological Factors

Peer pressure, parties and social eating will impact our weight if we consistently choose unhealthy options.


Genetics play a part of our overall health. Our health is influenced by our genetic make up, for sure, but we have the ability to make healthier choices.

Emotional Factors

Stress, depression, anxiety and even happiness will play a part in our weight struggles. Some people are emotional eaters.   


If you reduce your intake by 500 calories/day you can lose up to 1 lb per week 

  • Reducing your calorie intake by 1000 calories/day can result in a 2 lb weight loss per week 

  • Good nutrition goes hand in hand with good exercise 

    • Physical activity is any movement that burns calories ​(examples: cleaning the house, walking to the bus station, walking around the mall or grocery store) 

    • Exercise is planned and structured with the goal of improving physical fitness and health 

  • Benefits of physical activity: 

    • Helps control weight

    • Boosts metabolism

    • Improves mood and energy levels 

    • Strengthens body​ and improves posture 

    • Improves overall health (cholesterol, decreased risk of stroke,osteoporosis, etc.)  

  • Physical activity recommendations: 

    • Children: 60 min per day ​

    • Adults: 150 minutes of moderate activity per week OR 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week PLUS 2 muscle strengthening sessions per week