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Welcome to the inside of my brain. Here, I share experiences, tips, tricks and fun things I've learned during my weight loss journey. 

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From Day to Day.

Ah, the sun is out and summer has finally arrived! While enjoying some Memorial Day festivities, I came up with an idea that I wanted to share with y’all. There are 97 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day and I’ve committed to 97 days of taking care of me.

What does that mean?

  1. I’m going to stay on track

  2. Log my food

  3. Move for at least 30 minutes everyday

  4. Give up sugar

  5. Eat more protein

  6. Call my mom and dad more often

  7. Relax

  8. Call my girlfriends more often to catch up

  9. Sit in the sunshine, just because

  10. Take a long walk after work, even when I’ve had my morning workout

  11. Enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables - they are fantastic this time of year!

  12. Shop at local farm stands as often as possible to pick up some home grown goodies!

  13. Sleep late on Sunday mornings

  14. Eat fresh and less processed

  15. Get to bed earlier

  16. Take a meditation class at the Y at least once this summer

  17. Read a book or two

  18. Learn how to disconnect from my work at a reasonable hour

  19. Explore local places I’ve never been before

  20. Enjoy great conversation

  21. Walk barefoot in the grass

  22. Spend girlie time with my daughter, whenever she can fit me into her schedule

  23. Hang out with people I love more

  24. Hike in the mountains

  25. Watch the fireflies at dusk

  26. Play fetch with my dog more often

  27. Learn how to be more creative with my cooking

  28. Drink coffee in the mornings on my front porch swing

  29. Take hot yoga on Sunday afternoons because it relaxes me

  30. Redecorate my home office

  31. Curl up on the couch on a rainy Saturday to binge watch on Netflix

  32. Get stronger through exercise

  33. Try new recipes

  34. Visit with my brother and his kids

  35. Face-timing my son at least once per week to catch up

  36. Spend more time with family

  37. Go back to book club-regularly

  38. Plan next years big vacation

  39. Eat out less - and home more

  40. Stretch before I get out of bed every morning

  41. Take a Barre class at least once per week

  42. Clean out my closet

  43. Get a MAC Make-over for no reason at all

  44. Movie night with my girlfriends

  45. Host a get together with our friends

  46. Date nights with my guy as often as possible

  47. Manicures

  48. Connecting with old friends, when the opportunity arises

  49. Organizing my old pictures

  50. Sitting on my front porch at dusk

  51. Taking a cycle class at the new cycle studio downtown

  52. Mixing up my workout schedule to spice things up

  53. Organize my basement

  54. Clean out the garage

  55. Eating meals out on my back deck as often as possible

  56. Giving up processed carbs

  57. Visit the outlet mall

  58. Weed the garden

  59. Drink tea - instead of coffee

  60. Whitening my teeth

  61. Take pictures wherever I go

  62. Pedicures

  63. Work hard

  64. Setting up the volleyball net for some family competition

  65. Building a fire in the backyard and chilling out

  66. Visit my favorite winery

  67. Ride a roller coaster

  68. Smile more

  69. Challenge my mind

  70. Be understanding

  71. Complain less

  72. Drive with the windows open and let my hair blow in the wind

  73. Spending a little more time alone

  74. Write more

  75. Play games

  76. Find a Goat Yoga class and try it out

  77. Make a wish on a dandelion

  78. Visit with family

  79. Be mindful

  80. Eat less

  81. Volunteer my time to a good cause

  82. Laugh as often as possible

  83. Grow herbs on my back porch

  84. Try something I’ve never done before

  85. Be patient

  86. Donate to charitable causes

  87. Try to grow tomatoes on my back porch

  88. Make creative salads for dinner as often as possible

  89. Deep clean my carpets

  90. Making more time for the people and things I love

  91. Reconnecting with my spiritual self

  92. Go swimming

  93. Watch the sky at dusk

  94. Enjoy the sound of thunder

  95. Clean my house more often

  96. Be good to myself

  97. Celebrate my 49th birthday

If you want to get on the 97 day train - it’s not too late! Make your own list and join me!

I’m down another pound and I am thrilled! There was a time when seeing the scale move down by 1 lb. would have been discouraging, but these days, I’m taking every success that I can get.

Bee healthy. Bee happy.

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