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Welcome to the inside of my brain. Here, I share experiences, tips, tricks and fun things I've learned during my weight loss journey. 

  • Gail Ballin

The Bumblebee.

I was hard at work one afternoon last week when Robby came into my office and handed me a little brown box. I looked at him, perplexed and finally asked "what is this?"

He told me that it was a package that was left at the door for me. It looked like the kind of package business cards would come in, but I hadn't ordered anything lately, so what could it be?

Feeling like a kid on Christmas morning, I eagerly unwrapped the box. Inside was a beautiful bracelet with a little bumblebee charm hanging from it. I looked at Robby and he shrugged his shoulders. Curious, I pulled out the enclosed paperwork and started sifting through it.

There was a card with the following information:

"The bumblebee is hardworking and extraordinarily loyal to the Queen Bee and the entire community. A symbol of nature's perfect balance, the bee reminds us to slow down, smell the flowers and taste the sweet honey of life. Wear the Bumblebee Charm to channel the bee's meticulous energy, work diligently towards a goal and ultimately, appreciate the sweetness of life."

"Just wanted to send you a little something to celebrate all of your hard work and the journey you are continuing on with such dedication and bravery. Always bee happy, bee healthy and know that I am always behind you! Keep on inspiring others! Love you!"

Tears filled my eyes as I saw that it was from my cousin Tammy. I was truly touched beyond words. I called her, thanked her and we talked for awhile catching up and then focusing on my journey and how touched I was to have been given such a thoughtful and sentimental gift.

It made me think of an episode of Dr. Oz that I saw several years back. He was giving away blue bracelets to people who requested it. The band said "Just 10 lbs." or something to that effect. It was to be worn as a reminder to take weight loss in increments.

I ordered one and wore it for a very long time. When I felt like I couldn't stick to my guns and wanted to indulge, I would look at that bracelet and remind myself that I had a choice and that I was worth it. I could do it.

I could lose 10 lbs. and I did.

Eventually my 10 lb. weight loss became 110 lbs. and I'm almost at my goal.

If your struggling with staying on track, wear a rubber band or a bracelet around your wrist as a reminder of your journey. Glance at it every time you want to eat something that you know isn't good for you.

Sometimes little tools like rubber bands and bumblebees are all we need to help us stay focused and motivated.

I wear my bee on my wrist now, a constant reminder of the love that fills my world. It is a true reminder of my strength and my diligence throughout this journey. It's a reminder of my success.

I will cherish it, always.

Bee healthy. Bee happy.

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