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Welcome to the inside of my brain. Here, I share experiences, tips, tricks and fun things I've learned during my weight loss journey. 

  • Gail Ballin

The Click.

Stay with me through this first paragraph. I promise you, it's worth it.

Obesity has many health implications including risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, numerous female disorders, arthritis, gout, cancer, gallstones, liver disease, lung disease and sleep apnea among many others.

Now, I don't know anyone who is overweight who doesn't understand the implications of their nutritional choices.

I remember making the conscious decision to eat the donut when I was overweight, even when I knew that it wasn't good for me, that I wasn't hungry and that I didn't really want it.

So, why did I eat it? That's the million dollar question.

​I know now that I ate it because I was an emotional eater. I could have been feeling happy or sad, angry or anxious. I could have been at a birthday party or at a company breakfast get together and I didn't want to be the 'odd ball out' by abstaining or making a healthier choice.

I also know that I didn't care because deep down, I didn't think anything would happen to me. Even when my physician told me that my blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was off the chart and my liver was fatty, it didn't make an impact. I still shoved that donut into my mouth. ​

I think that there is a percentage of the population that will really understand where I'm coming from.

Stick with me...

Ultimately, anyone who has been overweight and tried (and failed) to lose weight knows that it's a matter of the mind. Sure, it ultimately comes down to calories in vs. calories out, however, until you make the conscious decision to change, nothing will work. I call this conscious decision 'The Click."

The Click happens when your'e ready to change.

It's that 'ah ha' moment when everything comes together and you finally feel ready to take care of yourself.

It's making the conscious decision to FINALLY put yourself first.

It's the choice to take care of YOU because you know that YOU ARE WORTH IT.

It's the euphoria felt when you make the decision to put the cookies in the garbage and go outside for a walk instead. ​​ ​​

The Click is owning up to your previous failures and being okay with them.

It's accepting that you are human and, you made mistakes and will continue to make them everyday, because your'e not perfect nor will you ever be. You own your successes, your failures and your willingness to change.

You realize that you ate a lot to get to the size/weight you are today and that's okay, because today is the day that you are making up your mind to change.

This time you know YOU CAN DO IT and you will succeed because you are stronger than you think, smarter than you give yourself credit for and more powerful than you ever thought possible.

This time you know YOU WILL DO IT.

You have to be really ready to make the lifestyle change because it does take time, effort and a lot of energy and focus to break old habits and negative self talk.

Keep in mind that The Click doesn't always happen overnight either. Sometimes it can take days, weeks, months or even years from the time you start considering it to when you actually embark on making change. It took 46 years for me to get to the point where I was so tired and disgusted with myself and my life that I had to make the change. I was tired of being unhappy, unattractive, unhealthy and rationalizing excuses.

​This journey has been life changing for me. It's been about so much more than losing weight.

For me, it's been about finding myself again. I buried who I was under my layers of fat. Taking this journey was like peeling away an onion.

The experience has been incredible and in hindsight, changing my habits wasn't that difficult. I won't minimize it and say it was simple, because it wasn't. It was filled with many obstacles. However, the benefits have been so worth it!

My hope is that my experience helps motivate you to achieve your goal. I know you can do it because if I can, anyone can.

So start now. Even if it's a small change, those small changes. Can lead to big results.

Bee healthy. Bee happy,

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